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A public feature is one of the features in Facebook due to which something that is public in settings can be seen by anyone. This feature even includes the people who aren’t in your friend list.

Know more about public feature

The public feature helps you in sharing your Information with people on Facebook. Whatever you share is set to be public. It is the information which you add in your account when you fill out your profile and set it as public, such as your language, age, and country. You can also include your profile, called your Public Profile, to connect with people.

Some of the ways public feature helps you to connect with:

  • You can get connected with people with your name, profile picture, and cover photo.
  • You can also add your gender which helps friends in connecting with you by easily finding you.
  • Add your details like school, college and workplace details.
  • Try to add your username and user ID in the URL of your profile.
  • Provide appropriate content like your language and country location.

You can even change the settings to make some photos or settings to the public from your previous settings. In public settings feature all your shared items and photos are public and can be seen by everyone using Facebook. There are certain Facebook groups and pages which are public spaces. Anyone who will search for these public pages can easily see your posts or comment. With these settings, the all the information linked with your profile is made public.

Things to remember that public feature information can:

  • The information you provide is associated with you.
  • It is easily accessible when someone does a search on Facebook.
  • It is accessible to Facebook- applications and websites which you and others use.

In case you need some more help and tips about the public feature in Facebook then, you can simply dial a helpline Facebook customer support phone number and get help from expert technicians to resolve the difficulty.


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